Motorised Blinds

Life Blinds prides its self on being an industry leader when it comes to experience and knowledge of motorisation products in the blinds industry. With over 27 years’ experience working with motorised products you can only expect the best advice and knowledge from Life Blinds.

Step into the future and automate your blinds. Motorisation was once a luxury but has become an affordable convenience.

Motorised blinds add a level of ease and convenience with the touch of a single button. Your entire house can be synced to a single remote control to open and close your interior blinds. There are other benefits that come with having automatic blinds beyond just the comfort.

Blinds are an essential addition to your home for energy savings as well as improved security. Your windows release a lot of the temperature from within the home – heat in the winter and coolness in the summer. Studies show that windows lose as much as 75 percent of energy compared to a wall space of similar size and shape. Blinds and window coverings help reduce solar heating during the summer and heat loss during the summer.

In addition, interior blinds that move via automation make your home less of a target. Burglars look for unoccupied, easy targets. Even when you’re not at home, your blinds can move up and down on a set schedule to similar activity within the home.

Why should you consider motorised blinds?

No more cables or strings that get tangled up! With just one click you can open or close your blind with perfect positioning and alignment. Somfy and Acmeda motors are also ideal for large windows, high-up or hard to reach blinds!

Life Blinds carry Somfy and Acmeda motors

The automate motor

The Mecure LS 40mm – Non RTS Motor with Molex (C-Bus Compatible)

The Altus 40mm – Remote controlled motor with Molex

Trelis Pure 1 & 5 Channel remotes

Teis Composio Silver 20 channel remote


The benefits of a Somfy motorised blind

  • The quiet Sonesse range:
    • Dedicated to interior spaces.
  • The “my“ function:
    • Lets you program a preferred position of your blinds so that you can access that favourite position every time at a simple press of “my” button. Set it once and use it as much as you like!
  • Somfy WireFreeTM range is 100% wireless:
    • These independent motors run on batteries with 1 to 5 years of battery life depending on usage. You don't need an electrical connection to switch to motorised blinds!
  • Ready for home automation


The Rollease Acmeda AUTOMATE range of motors, controllers and sensors work seamlessly with our precision hardware to ensure efficient and trouble free assembly across all of our systems. This guarantees a complete, premium solution with advanced technology to provide the ultimate in user comfort.

Whether you are looking for Electric blinds, Automatic blinds or motorised blinds look no further than Life Blinds.