Roller Shutters


Life Blinds’ Roller Shutters are a modern, efficient & private external blind; designed to not only provide protection from the extremes of Australian weather conditions, but also additional security to your home. They will assist in keeping out noise and can be easily adjusted to allow changes to light & ventilation. Life Blinds’ Roller Shutters are yet another alternative for the home theatre or for bedrooms where compete darkness is essential.


Our high-quality AUTOMATE Internal roller range includes mechanical limit, electronic limit and wire free battery powered motors with ultra-quiet performance for minimal noise.

For more information visit here: Motorised blinds

Available in a range of different colours

Up to 90% reduction in thermal transfer and 50% reduction in sound transfer


  • Life Blinds 7-year product warranty
  • Sleek and stylish blinds that can highlight any space
  • Smooth and easy operation
  • Noise reduction
  • Additional security to your home
  • Light control to 100% light block out
  • Reduced greenhouse emissions
  • Protection from the elements

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