Cellular Blinds

Cellular Blind Installation Melbourne & Yarra Valley

Cellular blinds are perfect for providing not only a modern look and feel to any room, but also energy saving advantages. Cellular blinds have very high insulating properties due to their double layer honeycomb structure.

Keep heat out during Summer and warmth in during Winter with these fantastic blinds.

Dimensions (minimum to maximum)

Width = 450mm to 3000mm
Drop = 300mm to 3000mm



We will not be beaten on price for a comparable quality product.

Fabric Colours (26 & 38mm)

Light Apricot


Dark Blue

Light Camel


Middle Camel

Bleach White



Parts Colours






Single Cell

Double Cell


100% Polyester


Key Features

  • Easy to maintain
  • Fabric will not fray or fade
  • Light and easy to operate
  • High quality insulating fabric
  • Opt for light filtering, which gently filters in natural light when closed, or blockout – to provid extreme privacy and complete room darkening


Care and Cleaning

Regularly dusty light with a feather duster. If you have a vacuum, use brush attachment and without using any pressure, sweep both front and base sides of the blind panel. For spot cleaning, use a soft cloth or sponge with warm water, blot gently and let dry completely. Avoid crushing or wrinkling the blinds.

We will not be beaten on price for a comparable quality product.

Update regarding Covid - 19 Situation

We wanted to update our customers on how the COVID-19 situation is effecting us here at Life Blinds. Although we are no longer coming to homes to provide measure and quotes, we are still very much open and are sending out very easy step-by-step measurement guides so you're able to send the measurements you need so we can quote and we are simply providing you with the materials you need with an installation guide to install your new blinds, this will be a more affordable option for you as we won't be charging for installs. We have confirmed with our suppliers that we are able to fulfill all deliveries without interruption.

A lot of people are staying in-doors during this time and as the need for both outdoor window furnishing products is especially high, we want you to know that you can feel comfortable asking for product delivery our products are being sanitised to standards before being sent out. 

Thanks for stopping by, we are here to help all our customers as always.

Best Wishes
Naomi Hargrave - CEO

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