Custom Curtain Installation Melbourne & Yarra Valley

Attractive and functional window curtains can create a favourable, memorable impression on any home. Transforming the space with soft flowing fabrics to create the perfect combination ambiance and light control.

Dimensions (minimum to maximum)
Width = 900mm to 6000mm
Drop = 1500mm to 5600mm





We will not be beaten on price for a comparable quality product.


The drop is the height from the curtain track to the floor. It is the finished length of the curtain. It is not necessarily the window height as tracks are often mounted on the wall or ceiling above the window.

The drop will also vary whether the curtains are to touch the floor, sit slightly off the floor, or pool on the floor. Pooling is also a good idea if the floor to ceiling measurement is not even.



When the curtains are drawn back / stacked back – how much room this takes up across the window. This can affect the amount of light coming
into the window or being able to see a beautiful view.

S Fold curtain headings are often chosen if stack-back is an issue because the fabric stacks back tighter than most other headings.



Stack back

Curtains And Roller Blinds

Your curtains can be paired with roller blinds. The roller blind is installed behind your curtain and is usually blockout, whilst your curtain is sheer.

Face Fix

Fixed to a vertical wall

Top Fix

Fixed to the ceiling


All of our curtains can be operated by hand by either pulling the curtains open or close to suit your needs. You can also choose the option to use a cord or motor.


Curtains can be customised to suit your taste and style. Blockout curtains can offer up to 100% UV blockout.



Dust regularly with a microfiber duster. We recommend taking your curtains down and getting them dry cleaned once a year to get rid of any dust particles and stains.

We will not be beaten on price for a comparable quality product.

Draw Type

Centre Close Curtains meet in middle, instead of being pulled the whole way across.

One Way

Your curtain is pulled across in only one direction, as chosen by you.


Curtain tracks can be discreet and designed to blend with a wall or you can opt to use decorative tracks.

We will not be beaten on price for a comparable quality product.

Update regarding Covid - 19 Situation

We wanted to update our customers on how the COVID-19 situation is effecting us here at Life Blinds. Although we are no longer coming to homes to provide measure and quotes, we are still very much open and are sending out very easy step-by-step measurement guides so you're able to send the measurements you need so we can quote and we are simply providing you with the materials you need with an installation guide to install your new blinds, this will be a more affordable option for you as we won't be charging for installs. We have confirmed with our suppliers that we are able to fulfill all deliveries without interruption.

A lot of people are staying in-doors during this time and as the need for both outdoor window furnishing products is especially high, we want you to know that you can feel comfortable asking for product delivery our products are being sanitised to standards before being sent out. 

Thanks for stopping by, we are here to help all our customers as always.

Best Wishes
Naomi Hargrave - CEO

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