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Outdoor Roller Shutters & Blockout Blinds Melbourne & Yarra Valley

Our roller shutters are a moder n, efficient and private external blind; designed to not only provide protection from the extremes of Australian weather conditions, but also additional security to your home. They will assist in keeping out noise and can be easily adjusted to allow changes to light and ventilation. Life Blinds’ Roller Shutters are yet another alternative for the home theatre or for bedrooms where compete darkness is essential.

Dimensions (maximum)

Width = 3200m
Height = 2600mm



High quality aluminium alloy construction Foam filled profile for additional strength, silent operation and insulation High quality painted finish Double line grooved and curved face profile Roll-tight design Wide range of colours Double coated and lacquered for abrasion resistant finish High quality internal sealed bearings Can be manually operated or motorised 100% Light block Noise reduction Made in Australia

We will not be beaten on price for a comparable quality product.

Care and Cleaning

Regularly hose your Roller Shutter down to prevent any build up of dirt.



  • Suitable Applications
  • Domestic windows
  • Domestic doorways
  • Light commercial shop front and windows
  • Counter tops / serveries



A pelmet finishes the look of your window coverings. Pelmets are an added box that connects to the top of your Roller Shutter, encasing the blind when it is not in use and providing the mechanism protection from the elements.






Up to 90% reduction in thermal transfer and 50% reduction in sound transfer.Operation – See descriptions on the next page Motorised Manual winders


Remote Control

Connected to a 240volt electric motor, this remote control will open and close your shutter from inside or outside of your home.


Key Switch

Using your key, turn to either unlock your shutter to be able to pull up or down.


Spring Loaded

Spring loaded Roller Shutters take the weight of the mechanism making it light weighted and easy to operate. It comes with a handle on the bottom rail to help pull it down and then locks into place using your key.


Battery Pack

Every window comes with a cradle powersmart 12v battery. To recharge, take battery pack out and plug in. The battery pack will fully charge your motor after 3 hours.



You can opt to choose a solar panel that connects to your motor inside the pelmet box. This is only available for remote controlled Roller Shutters. Your panel will need 6 hours per day in direct sunlight to fully charge.


Wall Switch

A wall switch can be added to the side of your shutter.


Salento Winch

A Salento Winch is a type of crank handle fitted to the wall that when operated will move your Roller Shutter up and down.

We will not be beaten on price for a comparable quality product.

Update regarding Covid - 19 Situation

We wanted to update our customers on how the COVID-19 situation is effecting us here at Life Blinds. Although we are no longer coming to homes to provide measure and quotes, we are still very much open and are sending out very easy step-by-step measurement guides so you're able to send the measurements you need so we can quote and we are simply providing you with the materials you need with an installation guide to install your new blinds, this will be a more affordable option for you as we won't be charging for installs. We have confirmed with our suppliers that we are able to fulfill all deliveries without interruption.

A lot of people are staying in-doors during this time and as the need for both outdoor window furnishing products is especially high, we want you to know that you can feel comfortable asking for product delivery our products are being sanitised to standards before being sent out. 

Thanks for stopping by, we are here to help all our customers as always.

Best Wishes
Naomi Hargrave - CEO

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