The Benefits of Internal Venetian Blinds

The Classic Internal Venetian Blinds are as popular choice as ever. With a wide variety of options, these blinds offer a sophisticated and sleek look to any window.

Our range of Internal Venetian Blinds at Life Blinds comes in a variety of styles, finishes and colours and are all locally assembled in Melbourne, and are made using the highest quality materials. We offer a large range of options to suit your décor that will seamlessly fit into your space whether you own a vintage or modern home. 

Internal Venetian Blinds are custom made to offer a perfect fit every time and can be installed onto any door. Hold down clips can also be added onto the bottom of the blind to stop the blind flapping around each time the door is used.

The quiet operation of internal Venetian blinds make them the ideal solution for any busy family home. These blinds can be tilted open and closed without any noise, whilst offering light and privacy control at the pull of a cord or twist of the wrist.

Another way to operate your Venetian blinds is by using our high-quality AUTOMATE Internal roller range. This includes mechanical limit, electronic limit and wire free battery powered motors with ultra-quiet performance for minimal noise. Motorisation options are only available when selecting Vision Wood PVC Timber.

Venetian blinds come in a range of materials, each offering their own benefits.


Pure Timber

The highest quality sustainably sourced cedar timber, stained for the timbers protection.


Vision Wood PVC Timber

Wide range of colour options, ideal for wet and high humidity areas, UV resistant.



Aluminium Venetian Blinds are a great option for home or office applications, they come in a large range of colours, easy to operate and extremely durable.

To find out more about our internal Venetian blinds range you can see our frequently asked questions here: https://www.lifeblinds.com.au/venetian-blinds-frequently-asked-questions/

The perfect example of our Venetian blinds are shown in the five we installed into this Wantirna home located in Melbourne. Finished with our Vision Wood range these blinds were installed into both the bathroom, ensuite an bedroom.



Update regarding Covid - 19 Situation

We wanted to update our customers on how the COVID-19 situation is effecting us here at Life Blinds. Although we are no longer coming to homes to provide measure and quotes, we are still very much open and are sending out very easy step-by-step measurement guides so you're able to send the measurements you need so we can quote and we are simply providing you with the materials you need with an installation guide to install your new blinds, this will be a more affordable option for you as we won't be charging for installs. We have confirmed with our suppliers that we are able to fulfill all deliveries without interruption.

A lot of people are staying in-doors during this time and as the need for both outdoor window furnishing products is especially high, we want you to know that you can feel comfortable asking for product delivery our products are being sanitised to standards before being sent out. 

Thanks for stopping by, we are here to help all our customers as always.

Best Wishes
Naomi Hargrave - CEO

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